Lets help the men and women who went there, came back and are saying now what?  Some of the worst combat wounds are not visible.  Warriors that have lost a limb or suffer from paralysis may have a greater obstacle to overcome than their disability.  Warriors with post traumatic stress disorder suffer debilitating symptoms consisting of aggression, fear of nothing or fear of everything, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.

Veteran’s affairs hospitals offer therapy programs that are decent at best and prefer a more medicated approach to PTSD than anything else.  Civilian programs exist all over the country that are drug free, stress free, headache free, but in cost are far from free.  Trek for the wounded hopes to raise donations to help make these programs more affordable to the warriors who have already sacrificed so much.  

These warriors are real people.  They live among you.  Help them live in peace again.  Please donate anything you can to support something greater then all of us.  Thank you!